Thank you so much Rachel for an amazing coaching session. You’ve shifted my ENTIRE perspective on this thing!!! So many aha moments today. My mind is blown!”

– Liz L., Los Angeles

If there is anyone able to help you get to the very core of an issue, it’s Rachel Goldman. Over these past weeks, I have sought to gain clarity on a number of issues ranging from managing my business to resolving a long standing and emotionally charged family issue. Rachel’s gentle but curious questioning has enabled me to apply my values to these situations, and respond in ways that feel truly authentic. There is no doubt that this took skill and compassion, both of which Rachel has in spades!”

– Sally M., Sydney Australia

“When I started coaching with you, I thought I had no common sense or intelligence, I was extremely angry and at a loss about how to deal with people.  I now know that I have a quick mind and a thoughtful mind with a great deal of social and emotional intelligence and that I am fully equipped to handle whatever comes my way.”

Paul, C., Los Angeles

“I’ll tell you more, of course, at our next coaching session, but the conversation with my daughter went really well. I followed the plan we created (curiosity questions and listen). I did not try to defend or justify my actions and I feel like my daughter and I are in a great spot to let the healing begin. Thanks so much for your help.”

– Betty C., Denver

You rock, Rachel! Thank you so much for today! You are an amazing coach!”

Ginna C., New York City

“Thank you for working with us and helping us reconnect and learn better ways of communicating after years of separation from one another.  It was a life changer for me and I will be forever be grateful for your help on this journey forward.” ♥️🦋♥️

Violet B., California

“I totally trust you. I know I can share anything I need to with you and you will be supportive, caring, wise, and insightful.”

Sara M., Boston

“I just wanted to reach out to say thank you for your facilitation last night and for taking the extra time in our family meeting.  I really appreciated your clarity, fairness, and generosity.  I hope that this will open up closer dynamics within our family, and I appreciate the time you took to help us prepare for this discussion.”

Laura E., Los Angeles

“You’re a great coach. You have such a way of letting the session flow. Your timing is impeccable and you ask really good, empowering questions that help me understand myself better and take action to reach my goals.”

Rose G., San Diego

“Thank you so much for your calm and grounded presence during our mediation sessions. We would never have been able to work through our many issues without you. You taught us new ways to communicate that will serve us for the rest of our lives.”

Jeff C., Boston

“I have felt supported and more solid every step of the way working with you.”

Mark W., Phoenix

“Thank you for all of your help through this process. You were great to work with and I’m happy to be a reference for future clients if you ever need one!”

-Lisa F., Los Angeles

My passion is to raise consciousness and teach better ways to communicate and manage conflict. The future of our families, work environments, communities, and the world depend on it.

I offer trainings and workshops for colleges, universities, law schools, Boards, organizations, professional groups, communities, and any other groups interested in learning more about communication and conflict management. 

I also teach conflict resolution and management courses in the Continuing and Professional Education Program’s Conflict Resolution Department at University of California Davis .  In addition, I am an instructor and leadership coach for the California Water Board’s Leadership Program.  

Below is a sampling of some trainings and workshops I’ve designed. I will also work with you to custom design a training or workshop to make sure the topic and presentation style best meet your organization’s or group’s needs.

  • The Power of Communication Coaching
  • The Power of Communication Coaches and Mediators Working Together
  • Managing Challenging Conversations in the Workplace
  • Strengthening and Sustaining Teams
  • Leadership and Effective Communication
  • The Art of Strategic Persuasion
  • Understanding and Managing Bias                      
  • Skills and Strategies for Talking about Biases
  • The Opportunities of Conflict
  • New Tools for Optimizing Collaborative Team Communication and Joint Meetings
  • Introductory and Advanced Mediation Trainings
  • Mediation Techniques for Financial Planners  
  • Communication and Conflict Styles and Strategies
  • Language and Conflict
  • The Art of Listening

“I SO appreciate your generosity in helping us learn and grow as conflict resolvers within our community.  Your presentation on communication coaching hit all the right notes, and clearly people gained both concrete skills and inspiring ideas.”

         Christina Medvescek, Community Dialogue Specialist, Center for Community Dialogue & Training, Tucson, AZ

“Rachel was a great find for us! We needed someone who could guide us in deepening our understanding of each other’s perspectives and then assist us in implementing a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiative into our 900-member organization. She was able to help us listen to each other, brainstorm with each other, and come up with actionable next steps to move forward. Rachel made a seemingly impossible task possible.”

          Brad Wright, President-Financial Planning Association of Massachusetts

“On behalf of our executive director search committee, I wanted to write and thank you for sharing your time and wisdom with us last night. The committee universally found your training on implicit bias helpful and they are looking forward to continuing the conversation. I am so appreciative that you put this together for us so quickly. I very much hope we can work together again in the future.”

        Senior Rabbi Allison Berry, Temple Shalom, Newton MA 

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