"In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity."

Difficult conversations happen in all areas of life. Sometimes they can be successfully navigated and other times, the conversation can become unproductive, resulting in everyone feeling stuck, misunderstood, and at a loss for how to get to the other side. And then there are times when we think it’s better to “leave well enough alone” and avoid the conversation altogether.

Unresolved conflict, whether acute or chronic, fuels animosity, tension, assumptions, and, often, results in communication impasse. Handled effectively, the process of resolving conflict creates opportunities for personal growth and deepens relationships, understanding, and compassion.

If you feel stuck and unable to move from conflict to resolution with someone in your workplace or professional life, with a family member or friend, or if you are a member of a group that is struggling with navigating a challenging or sensitive topic, a trained  facilitator or mediator can be invaluable in moving the conversation forward.  Sometimes it is just not possible to tackle a challenging conversation or address a conflict without some help. As a neutral facilitator and mediator, I provide a safe, confidential process where two or more people can openly and respectfully engage in challenging conversations, and sort through, manage, and resolve conflict. I have no stake in the outcome of the conversations – that’s up to you.

My focus is to facilitate dialogue that uncovers what is important to each of the participants in an environment where everyone can:

  • honestly express themselves
  • listen deeply to one another
  • explore possibilities
  • work creatively and productively together
  • better understand one another
  • find solutions that meet both individual and collective needs and interests

Facilitation and mediation sessions take place in person or via telephone or video conference.

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