On August 5, 2020, I led a 3 hour training on implicit bias for the Massachusetts chapter of the Financial Planning Association (FPA). Honestly looking at ourselves and how we, often unwittingly, perpetuate systemic racism in America, is an essential first step toward changing ourselves, our professions, our communities, and society.  Following a 1 hour interactive power point presentation, participants spent over an hour exploring the following questions in small group breakout sessions: 1) what are the 2 most meaningful things you learned about yourself during Rachel’s presentation? 2) what actionable steps are you committed to taking as a result of these insights? 3) what are 2 actionable next steps you would like to see your organization take as part of its diversity, equity, and inclusion initiative?  Each small group shared their 2 actionable next steps with the larger group, setting the stage for moving forward with renewed commitment, energy, motivation, and clarity as they begin the process of changing the culture and make-up of their profession. I custom designed this training as I do all of my trainings to ensure that the content and format best meet the needs of the group or organization I am working with.

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