Rachel B. Goldman, JD, CPC, ELI-MP

Communication Coach, Mediator, & Conflict Management Trainer

Human dynamics, experiences, stories, and relationships have always intrigued me.  We all lead, communicate with others, and respond to conflict in our own way based on our perceptions, histories, attitudes, and beliefs.  Uncovering these attitudes and beliefs and exploring new, more constructive ways forward in the workplace, within families, and within and among communities is my passion.

I am a lawyer, communication coach, mediator, and conflict management trainer. I have been in the conflict resolution field for more than 30 years, both as a practitioner and as a trainer. I have worked with hundreds of clients, helping them thrive as leaders, successfully navigate difficult conversations, and build strong teams and communities. I teach and lead workshops on conflict management, communication styles and strategies, and implicit bias to professional groups, colleges and law schools, organizations, and the public.

I founded RBG Consulting to teach and promote constructive ways to lead, communicate, and manage conflict in  the workplace, in one’s personal life, and within and among communities.

The ability to engage in open dialogue and creatively solve problems is key to leading a fulfilling and satisfying life. Every challenge we face provides an opportunity for change and growth. I can work with you to transform discord into opportunity.


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