“The art of communication is the language of leadership.”

   – James Humes

Being able to communicate effectively is one of the most important skills necessary to lead a successful professional and fulfilling personal life.  How we lead, communicate, and navigate difficult conversations has a direct impact on our overall level of  success and satisfaction.

Each of us has a unique communication style and default response to different communication styles and conflict.  Not surprisingly,  there are times when what we have learned and the patterns we have developed no longer serve us well.  The only way to change patterns is to increase self-awareness. Increased consciousness leads to new perspectives, strategies, skills, and choices for how to communicate and manage conflict. Developing competencies in these areas greatly reduces stress in our professional and personal lives and enables us to be our best selves.

I work with executive leaders, emerging leaders, clergy and lay leaders, attorneys, organizational teams, Boards and committees, professional groups, and family members.  I use powerful assessments, such as Everything DiSC and the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) as part of my coaching.  These tools provide stunningly accurate insights into a person’s communication style and internal responses to stress and conflict.  Using the assessment results as a foundation, I coach clients by helping them identify their goals, deepen awareness of their communication style, strengths, and challenges, and create and implement a road map that includes learning and practicing new skills and strategies, creating concrete, measurable action plans, and ongoing assessment of progress toward achieving the client’s articulated goals.

The result is greater personal insight, clarity, and overall increased satisfaction at work and in relationships. This transformation is life changing, opening the door for deeper connections with others and improved, more satisfying ways of communicating overall.

Coaching sessions take place via telephone or video conference.

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